The Bond

By Toheeb Bankole

Posted on October 25, 2018, 11:28 am

To love a child is to let him a milky taste of life 

Squeeze your chest into its cradle mouth

Whilst his spine solidifies upon your thighs

And humanity sinks into his mind
To love a child is to be his first companion

Tête a tête ; let his eyes fix  onto yours

Let his breath whirl through your motherly skin pores 

As he speaks of compassion without his tongue
To love a child is to love the world 

Give us heroic sons; healthy and bright

To love a child is the will of God

For your milk is pure and divine…

Am a messenger of God to the world 

My scripture is art

And my art is my message
@ Bankole T. A
For this reason, I present to you a new one from Bankz studios

Title: THE BOND 

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 18″ by 12″

Artist: Bankole Toheeb Adebayo.
Nowadays, mothers hardly breastfeed for a year, this which I believe is a result of their ignorance of the social, spiritual, mental and physical importance of breastfeeding in the life of a baby and the family as a whole.
The aim of this work is to protest against the early stoppage of breast feeding so as to help the new generation. Remember, individuals make a family, families make a society and societies make a nation.
Train your child in the right way so we can have a generation of glorious, wonderful and talented children. It’s not by magic or prayer alone. This little things count, it goes a long way. 

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Samuel N. Umoh Tutor & Quantity Surveyor
Super amazing!!! Oct 26, 02:50
Alogi John
Fantastic Nov 01, 08:46
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