Personality Reflection

By Toheeb Bankole

Posted on October 25, 2018, 11:24 am

“It is often said that the way you post is the way you appear in pictures”. In life we tend to exhibit our inner quality visually or non-visually, Consciously or subconsciously. As an artist, my life is my message and my medium is art.


 “Personality Reflection” is an exhibition of  my personality.

Title: Personality Reflection

Size: 10″ by 12″

Medium: gouache on chipboard 

This work is a reflection of my personality. The choice of model(reference image), colour and technique all helps in the definition of my belief and philosophy.

Ever since I was a child, I love to take risk, do the difficult things and I don’t like giving up on something I determine to do no matter the challenges. I respect people’s opinion but I don’t get influenced easily. Am a calm person, a thinker and a sceptical existentialist. Purple represent me well and that’s the point of attraction in the reference image. Purple is a secondary color derived by the mixture of red and blue in the same quantity. Blue psychologically depicts calmness,confidence,  wisdom and intelligence while red depict power, love, authority, strength and aggression. 

My kind of personality range from blue to red the mixture which gives the perfect purple which is my favorite color. The posture of the model and the facial expression is so calm and depict confidence. The technique used in the painting is called Araism a style that promote the Yoruba culture. The reason for using this technique is my love for my culture and the love for difficult tasks. 

Bankole Toheeb Adebayo 

C.E.O Bankz studios

Source: Self

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Samuel N. Umoh Tutor & Quantity Surveyor
An artist with pure depth!❤️ Oct 26, 02:52
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