Eyo Festival

By Dennis Onofua

Posted on October 28, 2018, 11:23 am

The Eyo festival is dedicated to the indigenes of Lagos. The indigenes also known as ''isale eko'' celebrating eyo, cultural and traditional masquerade display, which emerges from Iga (palace) of the Oba or any of his cabinet members.

* The festival is held when an Oba or an Highly regarded chiefs dies. 

* The word ''Eyo'' refers to the costumed dancers, also called masquerade thatr comes out during the festival.

* The festival is traditionally performed on the Lagos Island.

* The Eyo wears Akete a hat that bears the colours and shield of the Iga from which he comes.

* The work is a composition of 9 figures depicting the Eyo in a dancing movement. The colour approach rendition is derived from the complementary colour scheme of Purple complementing Yellow, the outlet and the background appears in the yellow values showcasing and indicating the Isale eko people.

 * The Artist intends to bring to remembrance to the celebration of the Yoruba culture and tradition.

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Samuel N. Umoh Tutor & Quantity Surveyor
Wow. I'm loving the Yoruba tradition already. Thanks man! Oct 28, 17:14
Dennis Onofua
You are welcome Oct 31, 11:58
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