By Etimbuk Inyang

Posted on August 27, 2018, 9:15 am

You peep through the still eyes of windows 

On borrowed cars

And you shiver at the sight of fair-skinned people.

You are truly African

And this is not your home. 

I see fear in your eyes

As you saunter about like a burglar; 

Do not wish for crumbs my friend,

You are truly African. 

You wish for death 

Albeit untimely;

do not die my friend

Africa needs you. 

I know the people of today have tricked you

With beautiful deceit

Planted in your black soil; 

But you do not have to die

For Africa needs you.

Source: Self

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Samuel N. Umoh Tutor & Quantity Surveyor
This is deep and beautiful!  Aug 27, 09:50
cleo courtney may
Wow.... love it Aug 28, 21:08
Etimbuk Inyang MBA Graduate
Thanks Cleo Sep 01, 14:14
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