Against religious, racial and cultural bias

About Us

Afrika Needs You is an African growth movement. For now, it doubles as an online African social media and social networking platform aimed at supporting creative and productive individuals with a unique voice and identity – platforms on which to stand, speak, be heard, share, love, learn and grow.

Mission and Vision

We are deeply interested in growing the African continent beyond its current limitations. We thrive on a vision of an Africa of every African’s dreams - an Africa where its diverse endowments are exploited for the ultimate fulfillment of the African citizen. We envision an Africa where everyone stands in their own specialty and passion, speaks, is heard, shares, loves, learns and grows – the Africa God intended.

We see our growth in the dimensions of Africa’s growth - to be a leading platform for the overall growth of the African continent. Our vision is to grow an Africa of every African’s dreams. In the light of this vision, we envision an expansion beyond our current areas of involvement on our path to achieving a fulfilled Africa.

Team Afrika Needs You