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From A Wonderful South African Artist

Meet Loyiso Mkize, born in the South African Eastern Cape. This man makes you just stop to really think about moving over to the arts.For me, every piece he's p...

By Samuel N. Umoh 5 months ago

Beautiful Pre-wedding Photos That Will Give You Ideas!

You'd just wish you got married right away after seeing these shots by this great Nigerian Photographer and Friend Otobong Martin.This First Couple eh. Kai! Che...

By Samuel N. Umoh 5 months ago

13 Hyper Realistic Paintings By Oresegun Olumide That Will Amaze You!

The following photos are not photographs but paintings. Hyper realistic paintings. This Nigerian Artist, Olumide Oresegun is wonderful!

By Samuel N. Umoh 5 months ago

Eyo Festival

The Eyo festival is dedicated to the indigenes of Lagos. The indigenes also known as ''isale eko'' celebrating eyo, cultural and traditional masquerade display,...

By Dennis Onofua 5 months ago

These Dress Styles Made Me Stop Today!

Everything beautiful can be made using African print materials. Really. Saw these and thought to share them over with You.

By Samuel N. Umoh 5 months ago

The Bond

To love a child is to let him a milky taste of life Squeeze your chest into its cradle mouthWhilst his spine solidifies upon your thighsAnd humanity sinks ...

By Toheeb Bankole 5 months ago

Personality Reflection

“It is often said that the way you post is the way you appear in pictures”. In life we tend to exhibit our inner quality visually or non-visually, Consciously o...

By Toheeb Bankole 5 months ago

Innovation Isn’t All About Ideas

Yeah, well idea inspires innovation, but there is more to innovation than just some idea.Every enterprise needs to innovate. It doesn’t matter whether you’re ar...

By Lini Benson 6 months ago